Beaches Soccer League

Beaches Soccer League

We are not offering a 2021 fall season.  Feel free to contact us by email through the contact page with questions.  We suggest you visit Jacksonville FC's website to see program offerings that might suit your soccer needs -

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Ensuring Your Child Has A Rewarding Experience On the Soccer Field

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League Rules for the Ultimate Kid's Soccer Experience

At Beaches Soccer League, we offer soccer for kids in the Jacksonville, Florida, Beaches area. We follow a set of rules intended to ensure that all of our players stay safe and have a great time while participating in our kids' soccer league. Please take a few minutes to read over all of our simple rules. If you have any further questions, please don't hesitate to get in touch.

Boy Focused on the Ball Young Boy Posing for Picture Girl Smiling Playing Youth Soccer

Players Chasing After the Ball

Beaches Soccer League Rules

All players must wear shin guards during all practices and games. The player's socks must cover the shin guards. A size 3 ball will be used for Pre-K/K and 1st and 2nd grade teams; size 4 balls will be used for the 3rd and 4th grade age group. The field will be approximately 40 yards long and 35 yards wide (smaller for the Pre-K/K age group).

A neutral area will be marked with a semicircular line of 10-foot radius. This neutral area means nothing in the Pre-K/K age group. In all other age groups, no player may enter the neutral area. If a defender touches or plays the ball in the neutral area, the attacking team will be awarded a penalty kick from the designated spot (halfway to midfield). If an attacking player touches or plays the ball within the area a goal kick is awarded.

During the taking of a penalty kick, all players must be behind the kicker and must remain there until the ball comes to rest or passes over the line. Should the ball stop in the neutral area after being played by the attacking team, a goal kick will be awarded to the defending team. If the ball stops in the neutral area after being played by the defending team, a corner kick will be awarded to the attacking team.

The game is played without a goalkeeper and no team may assign a player to act in a keeper-like manner thus protecting the goal. Goal kicks may be taken from any spot along the arc . All players from the opposing team shall drop behind the midfield line when the opponent is taking a goal kick.

5 players (4 for Pre-K/K) will be on the field (no team can play with fewer than 4 players). Substitutions can be made during either team's throw-in, goal kick, or during a stoppage of play or injury to either team.  

Pre-K/K utilizes continuous play rules—players do not take any throw-ins, goal kicks, or corner kicks. When the ball goes out of bounds, players are told to spread out and a coach rolls the ball to a player from the team who should have been awarded possession. Coaches do not toss the ball in the air as a 50/50 ball or where players might have to head the ball or crash together challenging for the ball.

Kids Playing

Each game shall consist of two 20-minute halves and a 5-minute halftime. Each player present at the game must participate 50% of the total playing time each game. Defenders must be 10 feet from the ball at all restarts. The ball is out of bounds when the entire ball has passed over the line. A goal is scored when the entire ball has passed over the line between the goal posts.